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  • Please patch your june journey it keep crashing
    I Second that, Please. I can't even get it to open, for it to crash. I get a pop up that says "unresponsive" "Close or wait for the app". I appreciate all your hard work with all the mods you create @Debby . I'll try my best to patiently wait lol for a new mod or update. Unfortunately this June's Journey Version is a Mandatory update. Thank you in Advance :)
    Hi Debby

    Please can you update tiki solitaire tripeaks?? Nothing works except undo. Can you get all the boosters and stuff to work?

    TA 😊
    I downloaded and paid for an outdated version of jackpot party casino, Why do i have to pay again for the update?
    Hey Debby the sea queen , how are you doing?
    Are you busy?
    Apologies if I'm disturbing you.
    1/I was wondering if you're planning on updating the mod of Romance club-stories I play!!
    2/In your last update of this app,many ppl were complaining that they can't get in (some issue regarding license code). Has it been resolved?
    3/ You said the incomprehensible texts will go away in repeat playthrough (after the choices were made previously) if I repeat an episode & make the same premium choices, I won't get those incomprehensible texts , right?
    4/ Is their Diamond & teacup purchase server based? otherwise is it possible to get free diamonds & teacups?
    5/ You won't get ads ..but does that mean we won't get those 3 diamonds that we used to get through watching ad too?
    Hi Debby ,new here ,have been looking for a Jackpot Party casino Mod ,see you have that ,will this down load work on my home pc or only on my andriod phone
    thanks snapper5
    Hi Debbie, can you please update Goldfish Casino its not playable without update... need v34.0.0 thank you as always
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    please make an outdated request. Debbie will update it as soon as they can if they choose to.
    you can make the request here: Outdated Releases
    Hey can i request something it's the girl group inc and the boy group inc can you do a mod about that game? Unlimited all and 99999 level? Is it possible
    I don't know if I can publish this here... A few days ago I installed a Junes journey Mod (it wasn't yours) and a few days later the armchair that gives access to the cafe and the club disappeared, I can't enter the cafe anymore and in the club. Does anyone have a solution for me to have the highchair again so I can enter the club again?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!
    Sorry that I'm asking this here since you can't post without unlocking the content- In the mod of Romance Club- the premium/diamond choices have been made free. But you can't purchase teacups for free or have unlimited teacups..right?
    Your "the Arcana" mod isn't working :( it says it needs 95sb cash and everytime I try to buy it it just says that I need 95 cash even though I have it
    Please fix the Neo Mushroom game, i can't play it because the login tab just getting stuck in the screen even after i logged in
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