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  1. FoxInFlames

    Happy Birthday, FoxInFlames!

    Thank you, guys! :)
  2. FoxInFlames

    Paid .apk Heroes infinity (premium version) v1.33.19L

    I'm refunding you the amount you paid to unlock this mod, also I've just uploaded the updated version, here's the link.
  3. Paid .apk Heroes infinity (premium version) v1.36.24 (updated)

    Heroes infinity (premium version) v1.36.24 (updated) /data/attachments/67/67092-3ea58b0478cdbe92c04ee6501135c755.jpg /data/attachments/67/67093-30385a5a5072c4a379d1e2edae9bc6a6.jpg Premium Heroes infinity v1.36.24 Credits to: FoxInFlamesType of release: Paid Download Link (how to...
  4. FoxInFlames

    Paid .apk Heroes infinity (premium version) v1.33.19L

    Sorry about that. Let me see if I can replace the link.
  5. FoxInFlames


    Thanks for reporting, the core staff will look into this issue and provide a solution as soon as possible :)
  6. FoxInFlames

    How to record internal audio without root (wired headset with mic needed)

    Actually all mobile phones with Android 11 and above record internal audio regardless of the speaker volume, this is for people who have android 10 and below
  7. FoxInFlames

    Who do I talk to about this??

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the mod, @melky414 and @agarriberri for reporting the same to the core staff. I would like to remind everyone who is watching this thread that this is the exact reason why we advise users to check the latest version and the mod apk version multiple times to...
  8. FoxInFlames

    ✅ Solved Need this eBook Squad

    Request solver (credit to: @lushorange ) #solved
  9. FoxInFlames

    Greatest idea ever (and amazing)

    Chat in 5 min to get sb points is well....very very easy to do, so to gain sb points from that would be harmful than beneficiary. As for the *post something*, posting stuff relevant and beneficiary to the forum (think an ebook, or a mod) does give you sb points, and if that's not possible...
  10. FoxInFlames

    Where can I find my license? An absolute guide to our license system

    Yes, because since you changed the emulator a new device will be emulated therefore the system will treat it as another device, as far as i know
  11. FoxInFlames

    Where can I find my license? An absolute guide to our license system

    if you use a rather large font size, i suggest you try making it smaller then try logging in again, because sometimes large text can shift the login button outside the screen.
  12. FoxInFlames

    The Realme GT Neo 5 is said to come with 240W wired charging

    65W is quite fast for my phone as is, i just can't fathom how fast a 240W will do it
  13. FoxInFlames

    Forum User Levels

    if you work for it, you can cover the gap, yes like if i have -480 sb points and i do stuff that makes me gain sb points, i can cover my loss and go even further
  14. FoxInFlames

    Forum User Levels

    well, that's because he probably did something that was not allowed on the forum, and he gained a warning point for that. which removes 500 sb points regardless of what amount you currently have
  15. FoxInFlames

    Navigating around the forum (typed to help people using translators understand)

    Yeah, on the right side (or top right if you're on laptop), go to the sb points tab, and then to the unlocked content section.
  16. FoxInFlames

    How to expand storage for a matebook?

    Depends on what you want tbh, an i3 10th gen with intel UHD means you can try your hand at games like Valorant and CSgo as well as play some games decently from around 2010-2015 era, as far as i remember these didn't need any extensive, huge loading speeds nor a huge bulk of memory (i mean...
  17. FoxInFlames

    ✅ Solved I think it's better to change this title

    I'll move it to the solved suggestions, then
  18. FoxInFlames

    Give me your top 3 games that you hold dearest to your heart ❤️

    Final Fantasy XV Minecraft Valorant
  19. FoxInFlames

    Ayleegendary introduces herself to

    Nice to meet you @Ayleegendary I am @Tomerarenai and today, I will be assisting you for getting started with this wonderful community of modders and gamers alike. :) Now, every community has it's rules, so does this forum, I will therefore advise you to have a look at the Forum Rules so that...
  20. FoxInFlames

    Where can I find my license? An absolute guide to our license system

    Hey there, can you provide me the link of the mod here? I'm pretty sure this is actually the Google verification license, and not the forum license, which makes it an entirely different story though i can't say anything for sure until i check it myself.