Visual Novel 7'scarlet [Otome/Visual-Novel] [Re-upload]

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  • The remote town of Okunezato is shaped like a crescent moon and shrouded in dark myths and legends. Take on the role of a brave young woman journeying into the unknown to uncover dangerous truths and locate her missing brother with her childhood friend. They find the area rife with mystery and populated by intriguing characters, each harboring their own hidden motivations. Encounter heart-racing twists and turns as you dig deeper into the story.

    You'll explore the town caged by nature, Okunezato, and learn its many legends and folklores, and you'll help your friend Kagutsuchi Hino discover the mystery behind the disappearance of her older brother. Follow the footsteps of Kagutsuchi's older brother in 7'scarlet.

    * Choose your fate - Explore multiple character paths and change the course of the story. Play through the game multiple times to uncover the entire tale

    * Experience stunning artwork - Witness this colorful story coming to life with beautiful character illustrations and dynamic background effects

    * Unravel the enigma - Use your detective skills to question the eclectic members of the "Mystery Club" and solve this challenging interactive puzzle

    Note: Someone requested me to re-upload this game, since the last person who posted it got their acc deleted and the link doesn't work anymore.

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    -To play game, go inside the '7scarlet' folder, right click and run 'SevenScarletSteam.exe' as administrator.

    -[ONLY] If you get any missing dll errors upon trying to open the game, go inside the "Read instructions first" folder and
    install all 5 programs in the folder, then try again.

    Extra: To save/etc in game tap "c" on your keyboard and the menu will appear.

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