📰 News! A new and better way to get even more SB Points by watching Ads!

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Lurker Lv0️⃣
Member for 4 years
I downloaded and install. It allows login with current accurate points but says no videos available when I attempt to use.


Addicted Lv3️⃣
Continuously says syncing after logging in. Videos never show up.


Addicted Lv3️⃣
Still cannot watch videos.
Is anyone else having this issue?
Constantly says syncing


Lurker Lv0️⃣
wont work for me. just stuck on syncing wont go any farther tried bluestacks and Nox

Evil Playground

Novice Lv1️⃣
Member for 6 years
Have ran the App a few times now, no problems for me.
App works fine just like it said.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn SB Points!

*also - I definitely would be interested in using any App that help SB even if it doesn't give me any SB Points.
It doesn't have to benefit me to get me to help SB, I'm always willing to help out SB in any way I can.


Addicted Lv3️⃣
Member for 8 years
Thanks for this innovative way of farming sb points.! Salute!.


Lurker Lv0️⃣
This is great news! The new REWARDS app sounds fantastic and will make tracking and earning SB Points much easier. I appreciate the increased daily points and the simplified process. Thank you for the update!