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Any help appreciated!!


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Howdy everyone,

I've ran into a little technical problem regarding my late Xbox 360 hard drive and the ancient accounts and files on it and I was hoping if any of y'all could shine some clarity and whatnot on my here dilemma.

So here goes: I have in my hands an Xbox 360 500gb external hard drive and I recently came across it after it's 6 odd-year vacation in one of my many unopened boxes from moving and was ecstatic when it turned up.
Naturally, I wouldn't of been so excited about it if I had the same profile and cloud saves, but unfortunately, I couldn't upload it to my newer consoles and here's why.
The profile, hard drive and xbox 360 console was my late uncles and he was very fond of all of it, and it spoke volumes on why he passed it all down to me later on in my life. This was around 2014-15 and I was finishing up middle school at that point of time and I can say (God Bless his soul) that within a couple months of being gifted one of his most prized possessions, he passed away. Too this day I've always thought about it, and recently rediscovering the little hard drive I couldn't bring myself to let it collect more dust, now that it was back in my hands.
One of the biggest issues which have led me to post on a few discussion boards/threads is being (I may be Gen Z but I am no Electrician), I can't seem to find any information on how to convert all these files from this Xbox 360 hard drive to a newer version for the Xbox 1. I've tried on numerous occasions to contact Xbox Microsoft support hoping they'd be able to shed some light on this, and I've tried to see if I could just throw the account on my newer console, but they had a few issues on their end (and mine). To name them, when my Uncle made the account he misspelled the @gmail.com so it was spelled @gmal.com (no i in it) so that was a problem for them, and to make it worse, even if they could work around that problem I couldn't access it, as it breached security guidelines as it was his account and not mine. I mustered all the evidence I could, recordings, settings, and I changed the profile to my nickname and it had all my information right there on the profile, but it wasn't enough. So now bringing this all up to speed, I guess what my issue is, what sort of gadget would one need to restore this old glory?

If you took the time to read through this, I cannot give more appreciation to you. This is the last area online where I could look for help. I've exhausted all helpful options, and hopefully some light can shine through.

God Bless You All,

- Ramon 🍜


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Hi! I have no knowledge of Xbox but what I know is that you need to seek professional help on gadget industry. This cannot be fixed simply by just finding solutions to people who might have no knowledge of Xbox. Although, judging by what you said, it seems that it can be fixed by simply doing some editing here and there but I can't speak for myself as I don't know much.

Hope I could help in someway!


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This might be a bit tough, and i'm not even sure if this works or could help, but i think you can attach the hard drive to a pc (you can find required wires online, depends on what the hdd is used to connect with) and use Xenia or any other xbox 360 emulator to access the files......