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Blood Arena_v2.5.0 - Mega Mod

Name of the game: Blood Arena

Version: 2.5.0

Root needed? No: you can play and install this app without root permissions.

Internet required? No: you can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

Game Description:
The latest opus of the most intense and immersive infinitely Hack and Slash game.

- Abundant weapons and armor.
Enchantment effect was attached from standard weapon, armor. The legendary weapon!
- Abundant skills.
A number of powerful skills with Super Heavy to activate and get pleasure!.
- Refreshing feeling to knock down enemies!
Blood Arena is the more you Slash it, the more refreshing you can not quit!

Google Play Store Link:
MOD Features:
Mod v1

YouTube Video:
Installation Instructions:
Download the desired APK file below and tap on it to install it on your device. Make also sure to uninstall your game first if you have it installed!

Credits to: xYummYx

Download Link(s):
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What's the feature
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Nevermind lol it took forever for the picture to load


Droidstein Lv8️⃣
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What's the feature
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Nevermind lol it took forever for the picture to load
LoL you are so quick to click into the release =p


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✓ Validated & Added to our Games Area. Congrats! :dragon:


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Lets give this a try
Blood Arena_v2.5.0 - Mega Mod was released by xyummyx and 1596 people like you already found this fantastic release! Find this and over 20,000 unique Android Games & Apps like this at, here since 2014 to serve the best Gaming Community in the world with hundreds new, safe and amazing releases every day.