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Okay, so this is for those who have tried my mod from here. LP mod apk Choice Of Games Buy Books For Free
But couldn't get it to work because some phones don't like pre-patched apks.
This is why I am making this simple step by step to do this for yourself. And your phone doesn't have to be rooted either.

1. Get Lucky Patcher the latest version. (9.6.5 rn)
2. Get Choice of Games apk directly from google play store and uninstall my mod.
3. Open Lucky Patcher and make sure these two switches are on in the switches button at the bottom of the app like this.

4. Go to the menu of patches for Choice of Games. Click on In-app level emulation.
5. Click on the first and the third point and rebuild the app.
6. Now keep lp open and launch a choice of games.
7. Now you can buy whatever book you want.

Enjoy and hopefully, this helped you!


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Hi! I tried the mod you made and the above fix but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I keep getting the same 400r error with both the mod and the above instructions.