choice of games on pc

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Hello there, so I bought all the choice of games on my iPhone, and it's jailbroken as well. But I'm trying to extract the files to play the games on pc. On an android? it works like a charm. But not on iOS, I don't see the .txt files, only the .json files. And even when extracting it? it doesn't work. Any idea how to do this? and thanks. :)


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I believe IPhone doesn't allow you to download anything that isn't in the Appstore


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I believe IPhones are a bad choice of device if you're planning on modify/install modified apps (atleast if you don't have a master's degree in informatic engineering....) Android makes it very simple in comparison, I'd recommend you getting an Android, even 6 year old devices can run most of the games/apps and they are cheap.
Now I'm not sure but there may be a way of doing what you wanna do.

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