💬 Review Errant, Volume Two by Andressa56

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Name of the eBook you are reviewing: Errant, Volume Two

LBGTQIA+, Fantasy and Slow Burn Romance

The second book in the series was more solid than the first. In this book we see evidence of Aspen's asexuality and how it influenced her relationships even with her old companion from Scale. I saw myself a lot in her regarding needing an emotional connection to physically surrender, a representation so scarce and yet important for many people like me, who are ace!demi. Unlike some books, the development of the romance and the atmosphere of sexual tension between Aspen and Charm is organic and palpable, in fact a slow burn that walks through baby steps until it reaches its climax. I loved the fact that Charm was understanding of Aspen's way of relating, her patience until Aspen felt the confidence to open her feelings. The whole thing about marriage through moon witch magic was genius, them facing the feelings they had been hiding so much because they thought it wasn't reciprocated in the same way. Errant is a comfort book, a book you look for to read to simply be distracted, I recommend it for people who just want to have a few laughs and stay soft with romance and the building of friendship and family throughout the book that people have and do along the way. along the way. The "tribes" was something that initially I didn't understand in book one and that in this book the whole thing becomes clearer, and honestly, it's interesting the particularity of each of them, from skills to even customs and appearances. The authors rocked too much in this follow-up to the series, I already want to read the third and final volume. I'll take Aspen and Charm for life.
There are some triggers regarding the implied mention of abusive spousal relationship.

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes, to you who wants to feel seen as a ace

Rating(1-5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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