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For cakes and desserts: strawberries and alchermes

There wet cakes is a fundamental preparation to ensure the perfect humidity of cakes such as sponge cake, panettone and leavened products, but also tiramisu and similar desserts. It can be prepared with simple water and sugar or by adding a little rum for desserts, but it is also possible to prepare a different and truly delicious cake syrup: the wet for cakes with strawberries and alchermes, perfect for moistening sponge cake made with custard and fresh fruit. It is prepared in a few minutes and a few steps and the result will be amazing! This recipe will be enough to wet three sponge cake discs with a diameter of 22 cm. Furthermore, at the end you will find suggestions for preparing it even in a non-alcoholic version for children!

Ingredients for 250 ml of wet

  • Ripe strawberries: 500 g
  • Still water: 200ml
  • Sugar: 60g
  • Alkermes: 45 ml
  • Preparation: 8 minutes
  • Cooking: 7 minutes
  • Total: 15 minutes


Wash the ripe strawberries perfectly with plenty of running water. Place them on a cutting board and remove the leaves with a knife, then cut them into cubes, or in any case into rather small pieces.

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