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I really can't help you much.

However, I would suggest a game for you:
Death Road to Canada.

It's highly addictive and enjoyable.
You should give it a try if you have the time.
5 out of 5, a "Must-play"

Mark A

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My personal picks.

Game Developers:
->CoG (Choice of Games)
->Hosted Games.
->Some old Kemco Games.
->Artix Entertainment

Game Titles:
->Exiled Kingdoms Modded
Beat the pay-wall using mods.
->SOL Stone of Life EX Modded
Beat the pay-wall using mods.
->The First Tactics
Sadly the English translation isn't perfect but it's a great game
->Special Forces Group 2 Version 3.9 or 3.8
Version 4.0 or higher requires an internet connection. SIZE: 300 MB.

Other Games:
Try playing GBA (Game Boy Advance) ROMs using Emulators.


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I agree with the personal picks of @Mark A especially the games published by CoG and Hosted Games. Aside from that, I recommend Andor's Trail, Inotia series, and Zenonia 3.

You could also install a PSP emulator and play games like God Eater, Harvest Moon, and Final Fantasy Tactics: TWOL


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Hey I would suggest games made by Kemco! Like Asdivine Hearts, Asdivine Dios, Asdivine Menace, Djinn Caster and many more.

You can also play Aveyond. It was recently ported to android.

Epic Conquest is also a great game. A sequal is being made for windows and is available in early access in Steam.

All of these games are offline and available here.
Some other games would be Elphis (by Com2us. But was removed from Play Store), Beast Quest, Grimvalor, Postknight, and Potion Punch.

All of the above mentioned games are for android. Some games for windows are mentioned below :-

Ella's Hope
City Racing
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Heya, This section is for suggestions to improve the site so not as many people will really your post here. I am going to move it to the game discussions area so that others who are posting similar content can see your post :D


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Have a look at Path of Exile :) a great action RPG, one of the best games of its kind I have ever played. When you feel the need to get more exalted orbs feel free to visit this service
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I suggest you watch games like:
- "Paleo: Rising city
- "merging empires" by FuryLion Group.

Games are similar in that they are made in the same story. But they are completely different.
Challenge your brain.

Mark A

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they are so many many many games, so chose what's you like it
You won't know if you will like or hate a game unless you try it...This could be too time-consuming. :LOL:

Jack Esperanza

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Have a look at Destiny 2 :) a great shooter, one of the best games of its kind I have ever played. When you feel the need to get more extra items to upgrade your char feel free to visit this service
It is interesting but I even hired a coach for this game once. After that experience I realised that hiring a coach is the only dependable strategy to improve your gaming skills. Before that I used to spend tons of money on different raids but that didn't make me happy.


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Hire a coach for the game? That sounds very funny... realistic. You probably have to pay the coach, no? Does it really matter so much?