Hi ,what is the game you like most?

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Well, I say many
And i forgot the names
But The themes are strategy, by i mean Strategy Is REAL STRATEGY NOT FAKE ONE


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Midnight train RPG game


Addicted Lv3️⃣
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I am secretly adicted to Cooking Diary 🙈


APK Fanatic Lv5️⃣
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I just played sims again today after taking a five minute break...last month. 🥲😅
Love the sims 4 even thought it's got a lot of issues and it does get a bit boring sometimes.


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I love playing visual novels, rpgs, life simulators, action games, etc! I just love anything fun!!

Ninja knights

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I've had many favorites games throughout the years like right now my favorite is The Pirate: Plague of the Dead but I always find myself coming back to OG games like Counter Strike 1.6, Frozen Throne, GTA San Andreas or Half Life, there's just something about the nostalgia of it and finishing it and thinking: Even back then, there were games this good scripted and polished.