How to access your Data and Obb files/folders on Android 11


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Hello there all.

I have been away for a while as broke my a phone. I dropped it while carrying my coffee into the living room. Now I have a new tablet, Samsung Tab A. I started to upload games again here. Every thing was going great, then i updated to Android 11. All of a sudden I could not access my data or obb files.

It took my a while but I have found and App.

It's free with no Adds. You can copy, move or rename your data with it too.



All there for you.

There may be other Apps out there ( I did look trust me ), but this was the only on that worked for me.
Root Explorer is available too. It's the upgrade to the first App, but you have to pay for it!! Oh, wait..... we are Sbenny after all.

Hope 5his helps you.


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Thread Sticked, thank you for this (y)


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