How to get all picture back.after format phone.model samsung galaxy 7j pro.need help

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Hello friend .i need some help to get back my picture .that phone already format.all my picture lost.erm..some one can teach me.


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I am also using j7pro and same thing happened to me too but unfortunately if you didn't use drives or cloud you can't get it back. Not if it's rooted or not, pictures and videos can't get it back.


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There's a way for it. You'd need a computer and a software called "Recuva" (google it). Connect your phone to your pc (enable file transfer mode if needed), then open Recuva, follow the simple wizard and type your DCIM (photo directory) path into the window of it when asked to specify a path if known. Then enable deep scan to have higher chances to restore the files (it may take hours).

If you're lucky, you'll be able to restore all your photos or a good percentage of them, but beware if you did multiple data format, chances decrease drastically.

Good luck!


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Salve oltre a recuveri ci sono anche altri programmi per recuperare i dati ad esempio:
FonePaw Android Data Recovery. Apparirà sullo schermo del telefonino una finestra da cui dovremo dare l’autorizzazione al collegamento. A questo punto sul pc il software ci chiederà quali dati recuperare. Dopo averli selezionati, cliccare su Next per proseguire.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery effettuerà quindi un’analisi della memoria del telefonino alla ricerca dei dati cancellati. L’operazione potrebbe richiedere qualche minuto. Potrebbe essere necessario concedere anche in questo caso i permessi di root per trovare tutti i file. Al termine potremo selezionare i file e recuperarli salvandoli sul nostro pc.

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