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Hello and Thank you @Sbenny and all of the rest of you that have created such a phenomenal place for people to come together and do what they love ! The SB Points system is a great idea (hence the abuse) but you fixed it. I'm not sure if this was okay to post this here or not, Yes I'm new but I became a member quite some time ago but work didn't provide any time. *seriously* Breaks are on, sorry for being a space and time hog.Going to Introduce yourself now... Great Work to all of you !!!!


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I was to get them but I failed so I thought that there was an expiration date for it. Link removed.
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Thank you for your reply. I'm new to Sbenny, still trying to learn how to collect points. I need 200 for a game. I've been watching videos to earn enough points for the last 3 days & have only earned 40. Or videos keep saying something went wrong. I don't have any ad blockers on my device.

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