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Just like other people said, I think there may be something wrong with these methods to earn free SB points:

- Watching 5 ads does not work. I keep clicking on the watch ad link, the ad starts, then the page redirects me here on the forum, nothing happens. No reward at all and I've already watched 10 ads.
- Following the listed links to subscribe to social media also doesn't work. When I click on 'claim reward', all I get is "Something didn't go through..."

I was wondering if this might be a browser issue? Is there anything specific that might prevent me from getting the points?
Same situation, I have also tried to connect with these links but they failed. You have gained some points but I have gained not any point till.
Please read carefully. It says, "UPDATE 28 APR 2022: Due to abuses (as usual), we're forced to apply social subscription rewards only to users in the "Active User" group. More info: User Special Ranks Benefits & Requirements".


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I've tried a few browsers & still have issues. Was able to watch 5 vids today w/o problems
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I've tried a few browsers & still have issues. Was able to watch 5 vids today w/o problems


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Very helpful, answered all I needed to know but I still make mistakes since I'm kinda stupid :) have a nice day


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Yes but you need to have the Active User role, if you just started and want free SB, the 5 daily ADs are your best choice, if you don't want to wait consider purchasing.

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