How to Hack Whats App

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I am often curious about my girlfriend's cellphone, maybe if anyone knows how to hack whatsap without touching it


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Is there any chance you'll be around your girlfriend's phone? If yes, open browser on your mobile (chrome is good). Go to whatsapp web (desktop site). Now open your girl's whatsapp and tap whatsapp web and scan the qr code. Thank me later.


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Well a completely different thing but you should try GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp + as I personally use it and it is a very good thing and you will love it. It gives additional features which you wouldn't get anywhere.


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@Kamizaki You cannot hack WhatsApp 😂
But you can have extra godlike features as @DDeveloper said.
This godlike features are not in normal whatsapp.

(GB WhatsApp & WhatsApp + are modified version of WhatsApp , they have tons of extra features 😉)


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Now open your girl's whatsapp and tap whatsapp web and scan the qr code.
Question, If he could access her phone anyways, then why would he have asked?


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Don't you think checking her phone is going a bit too far?
Honestly, I agree. Sometimes privacy also means trust between relationships. If you want to know what she has in store, don't you think confronting her about it would be a better idea? If she refuses to show you, then that's where the doubt comes in but if she allows you then you'll know what you need to know. Checking her phone is just...well kind of a sneaky approach which isn't very nice if we're talking about relationships here.


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there is a solution called king whatspp application used to check the all privacy status of your friends whatsapp.


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I don't know dude, but that is a big no no.
Just stick to getting cracked / modded games.
Breach of Privacy is a serious offense and in some countries can even lead you to jail.
If you think there is trust issue in your relationship then just sit down with her and have a one-to-one.
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