How to make simple mshook tweak

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I`m not very familiar with mshook since i mostly use code inject but in a few cases it can come handy.
What we do here is hooking into a class in objective-c classes and overwrite it with our code.
I have released some tweaks for apps (not games) using mshook to unlock paid content, make things free, etc... but you can also hack games with it (very rarely in my opinion or i just didn`t look good enough :p) and make unlimited money for example or even 1 hit kill. Basically anything that is stored in classes instead of binary.

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Thats pretty much it. Compile the tweak and we are done.

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Done the same here, added hide codes in order to keep a count of member who find this helpful by their replies here. Nice Work Indeed. I think i may Expect more from you.


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Ty i still need to study more on what those items mean that you listed. In order to know what it does and how will it affect the game/app im using. Overall good post tho


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But my tweak still does not work without "DYLD_INSERT". On my experience, some tweaks work properly only if you install them from Cydia (AFC2, AppSync). So will continue experimenting with code, iOS versions, architectures and ways of installing. Writing it here because don't want to spam you.