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I have an idea...

Should certain new post messages be put in a chat room of their own?


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I have an idea, but it's just that, an idea. An idea which needs your thoughts and opinions to work or be implemented.

Sometimes I am sitting watching chat and all of a sudden, the conversation I was a part of or even just following, suddenly fly's off the screen because it's been replaced with posts informing me of new requests, members releases etc...

So my idea is this... What if certain items were sent to a chat page of there own?

Like I said, it's just an idea, an idea that needs your thoughts and opinions, opinions on which updates would benefit from a chat page of their own and which would be hindered.

Please, feel free to voice your opinion down below and cast your vote in the poll above.

Thank you.

Mark A

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Can it be made as a chat option or account setting, to not show or only show certain post like introductions, eBooks, request and others, in the public chit-chat?
This way it's up to the members what they want to see while in chat.

Azura Shadow

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A setting that allows members to either turn on notifications to view the new members /new releases announcements . I dont really use the chat though but I can understand for some following a really juicy story 😂 how annoying it can be when other things pop up


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I agree, I think that something that lets us mute new releases would be nice. Maybe if it was just set to have the new bot just say something like "Looking for a summer read? Check out our eBooks section where books are released daily" or "Tired of playing the same games? Find something new in our Games Area" with the respective links in the posts. That way instead of getting 30 messages for 30 different titles, you are getting one, to let you know in general that there's new stuff. Then we could have a separate chatroom for the individual new release stuff.


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Sound good to me, it's actually a very good idea, if we could even just select what kind of announcements we want to receive it could be really useful, for example if you're interested on books you can just turn off all the announcements exept those, and then you will get an update on what you want, and the chat wont be overloaded with announcements anymore

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What happened to this suggestion? I also agree with it.....


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This is definitely a good idea. Because sometimes people are posting new threads, games e.t.c consequently so it can get a bit annoying when you are actually talking with someone. So an option to choose what you wanna see would be great!


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Here's my two cents, muting the releases will make popularity and visibility go down, a lot.

I think we should have a 'whats new?', section in the chatbox that shows new releases and the chat should not have any release messages, it'd make it simpler for both those who want to stay on the latest and those who just want to chat a bit