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Figured after a few years off I would dust off my mod skills and work on some stuff. However coming back I suddenly feel completely lost. Most of my slot mods back in the day were made with dnspy. However looking at the new versions of some of the games, the dll files used by dnspy are now in .dat files. Anyone have any input on this? Or is dnspy and dll editing a thing of the past with unity games? Should i just break down and attempt to learn IDA finally? Thanks


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Welcome back 🤗 unity games are now modded by hex editing the libil2cpp.so file in the libs. You don't really need IDA most of the time, but you definitely need to learn what's ARM language in order to know what to mod.

Like, if you were used to do the following in dnSpy:


ldc.i4 2147483647

return 2147483647;

You would now do:


Which is equivalent. As you would HEX EDIT the lib, you may want to use our ARM CONVERTER:

Best ARM Converter

To replace the function's original bytes with the modded bytes.

It's a generic and fast answer, but you'll find many guides about il2cpp modding.

Good luck!


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Thanks Sbenny :) any suggestions on apk signer ?