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Here is a place where everyone can talk about their favorite artists, songs, and genres!

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Heya everyone and welcome to our new Music Lounge Discussion Club!

Here is a place where we, as lovers of all things Music-related here on will be able to chat with one another and get to know each other. It is my hope that this group will bring us a bit more together!

When you get a moment, please introduce yourself and say hello below.

I'll start with mine :)

For those of you who don't know me, my name is CordeliaCross, but most people call me Cordy. I am a member of the Staff Team and the Community Team and I started off here as mainly an eBook Releaser. I love to read books because it's like an escape into a whole new world, and I love to write. I also play the electric violin and a few other instruments. Currently, we have three freshwater fish aquariums in our home, a 3.5-gallon tank, a 29-gallon tank and a 75-gallon tank with tons of different fish living in them. I can't wait to get to know about all of you :)


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Hello everyone!

Was checking up what these clubs are and saw this lounge. Joined since music is very dear to me. It creates and drags out emotions outside so we can feel happiness, sorrow, fear or silliness. It makes things alive and more enjoyable in my opinion. Music just touches my soul.

I love to play piano and sing. I also practice guitar, drums and harmonica but mainly piano takes the price when it comes to how well I can play 😄

What I like to listen depends my mood. I dare to say I enjoy every music genre if the mood is right. Lately I have listened lovely instrumental piano music, anime rap songs and game musics.

Thanks for having me and wishing your holidays bring good times! ✨


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Hello all. New to the club's but had to join this one as I love music, singing, listening and some times writing too. I have been a member of the forum for four years. Looking forward to people's choice of music.

Kind Regards Matthew


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Hello, I joined this club a month ago, but I forgot to introduce myself, really I 'm a music junky so I thought I would join this club. Thanks, that is all.