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I normally used Gogoanime website for downloading anime but it started acting up and now it won't even let me download them. So someone recommended me AnYme and I wanted to know if its safe to use and whether it is safe to download anime episodes from AnYme.

If someone uses AnYme, please reply below.

Thank you for reading this.


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For Anyme you would have to use an older version to be able to stream and download episodes. The latest versions were watered to down to be a Anilist and a Myanimelist app.

I would recommend you download Anilab instead. It works great and still gets updates and the interface is more friendly


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Someone who isn't me uses Aniwave.
Or Nyaa for other purposes.

Edit: wow sorry for the necromancing, just noticed the date :x I guess people won't let this RIP xD
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