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Is it possible to view a modded app to see what change were made to 'mod' it and apply those changes to the new version?


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As the title says. I do have some apps which are 1 or 2 versions below the latest release from the developer. These modded apps have features like no more ads and premium features unlocked.

Would it be possible to view the modded, older version of the app to see what was done to unlock all the premium stuff and then apply the same to the latest release?

Lastly, would starting from scratch on the latest version be the best way to mod the app or would looking at the older modded version to see how it was done better?

For reference, the app in question is Canva: Graphic Design & Logo, Poster, Video Maker V2.30
The latest modded version of this app is V2.19.0


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I think it might be a better idea to compare the mod apk to the original apk at the same ver as the mod instead of comparing against the updated one and then try to port those changes over to the updated apk :p


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Agree. It is the logical way. Is there any tool available for android where we can compare app for changes? can it check apk or we installed version?
When I was cracking window software, creating patch with tool needed original exe and patch exe to generate patch.exe.


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oh.. gonna wait for the Answers for this.
as for me.. PvZ Heroes is the Game i'm Looking for the update for. But the Author i'm Following is not updating the Game anymore.. i've seen a lot of other Mods but they all Have the Same Bug - where, when u play a specific Char, the Game will Freeze..
if only i know how to mod those il2cpp.so files,'-)


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I have recently started to look forward into modding a game without any knowledge of arm language so what I did is,
1. Get lib_xxx.so file from both modded apk and legit apk (_xxx depends on what game it is. You may also need global_metadata.dat file incase you're modding a unity game).
2. Open both files side by side in IDA pro or il2cpp dumper depending on what type of game you're modding.
3. Open HxD>Analyse>Data Comparison> Compare> Select both file lib_xxx.so file.

It will show u the difference between the hex values of both files. Check the offset value and jump to it in IDA or il2cpp. Check the code in modded apk and legit apk and you'll find the difference between them. Use f6 in Hxd to navigate to next difference.

I'm so new to all of this but this is how I approached to learn about what changes are made in modded apk as compared to legit apk.