{Kemco RPG} Asdivine Cross - Helium Save

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G̴̠͂l̶̙̋ȉ̷̲t̷̰͂c̶̮͊ȟ̶̪ê̵͙d̷̰̿ ̴͉̈Ơ̵̟u̵̮̕t̵̼̊
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Version: Any

Root needed? No

Can be played Offline? Yes

Game description:
After Harvey, a member of a band of outlaws known as the Watchers, is arrested while attempting to loot the chancellor's mansion, he finds himself locked up in the dungeon.
There, he strikes up a conversation with a young woman who appears to be in similar straits, but to his surprise, she tells him she is none other than the Princess of the very castle in which they are being held.
Not quite believing her tale, yet unable to leave her behind, Harvey assists her in escaping in an effort to find out if she is really not the impostor she is accused of being, or if he is just being taken for a ride...

Google Playstore link:
Mod Features:
Max Gold 99,999,999
Max Premium Currency 99,999
All Premium Items Bought {Except Two. They can only be bought after completing the game once.}
Ad Eliminator Purchased - No Ads

Installation Instructions:
1. Install the Free version from the Playstore
2. Run the game once.
3. Open Helium & create a backup of the game
4. Download my Mega Mod Save
5. Place the save in the folder "Carbon" on the root of your device and overwrite the current save you made
6. Open Helium again and go under "Restore" and restore the new save.
7. Run Game & Enjoy

This save starts at the beginning just after the your jail break. To see the storyline up to that point, you can start a new game and watch the opening. It would take about 10-15 mins tops, to view what you missed.

Credits to: Axiom

Download link(s):
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almost overlooked this one looks like asdivine dios!


G̴̠͂l̶̙̋ȉ̷̲t̷̰͂c̶̮͊ȟ̶̪ê̵͙d̷̰̿ ̴͉̈Ơ̵̟u̵̮̕t̵̼̊
From the Hell
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I believe this is a prequel to Dios. Just a heads up too, The screenshot shows 999,999,999 Gold & ACP. I didn't realize that was over max, so when you reload the save it will correct itself. the max gold is 99,999,999 & the ACP is 99,999.


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Even I was about to request for the same game, but luckily saw that you'd already uploaded a save! Great work as always, thanks! :) (y)


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