📖 Tutorial Kindle Fire 5th gen Rooting Tutorial (Ubuntu PC Required)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my tutorial. I'm going to try covering how to root your Fire tablet without using third-party apps on your tablet. But before we begin you should try to back up as much data from your device as possible, by either cloud storing or storing it on a pc or even on a physical storage unit.

Sorry readers but I feel this part is necessary, so here is my Legal Disclaimer "I Didjya7epae will not be held responsible for any damage that may result after, or while you the reader are following these instructions (including the "bricking" of the device, the attack of virus or malware caused by visiting or downloading from insecure sites and the consequences of said malware, the void of product warrenties, or any negative effects regarding you device, etc.). forum.sbenny.com, its staff, and proprietors will also not be held liable to any of the aforementioned damage. You the reader understand by following these instructions below, you are agreeing this statement as well as its terms, and will take all responsibility for any damages that may arise as a result of following these instructions. Sidenote: Rooting your device may make your device more vulnerable to malware or electronic viruses, decrease overall device performance, render your device either partially (soft bricking) or totally unusable (hardbricking), and or lose of any and all data stored within said device" end of disclaimer.

Please follow these instructions carefully so issues don't arise.

  • Read and follow my instructions carefully.
  • Try to visiting only secure sites, and limiting your downloads
  • If you download any file scan it with verified up-to-date anti-virus
  • Don't make changes to the functioning of the Device's Operating System unless you understand what you are doing
OK now let's finally begin the tutorial peeps.
Make sure your device is an Amazon Fire 5th gen. before following these instructions. (I'm also assuming the Fire OS Version on your device is \ 5.3.2 or below, if it isn't Do Not Proceed I will post a tutorial on downgrading via ADB Sideload.)
First let's prepare the device for Rooting (again Only follow the steps below your Device's OS is 5.3.2 or under, thank you.)

Set 1
  1. On your tablet go to your home page, swipe down at the top of your screen. You should see different device options, and a small gear near the top right of the box, tap on it (this will take you to the settings page). See example 1 for diagram.
  2. Click on Device Options to open that page (this allows us to see some device aspects). See Example two for diagram
  3. Look under the Device Model tab, you should see the Serial Number tab (don't give this to anyone), tap this 10 or more times repeatedly till the Developer Options tab pops up. Tap to open the options
  4. Look near the bottom of the page and you should see the option to turn on ADB (Android Debut Bridge), switch this on and hit enable, it will allow you to connect your tablet to your pc for further modification.
  5. Now tap the back button on the bottom of your screen to go back to options, and the once you're there tap the Security and Privacy tab.
  6. Now flip the Switch on Apps from Unknown Sources, this grants you a little more access later on.
  7. Now plugin your tablet to your pc via usb, if the pc doesn't detect your device right away make sure both devices are on and plugged in to usb ports, if it still doesn't work after replugging the usb cables, you need some drivers for your pc, download the from the official developers site here https://developer.amazon.com/docs/fire-tablets/connecting-adb-to-device.htmlpc
  8. After the computer detects the tablet, the tablet is now ready to receive the root.
Now let's actually begin rooting the device.
Set 2
  1. First On your PC install Python3, Pyserial, ADB and fastroot. You can use these lines of code on terminal.
  2. Code:
    sudo apt update
    sudo add-apt-repository universe
    sudo apt install python3 python3-serial adb fastboot
  3. Then make sure ModemManager is disabled and or uninstalled, here is the code for that
  4. Code:
    sudo systemctl stop ModemManager
    sudo systemctl disable ModemManager
    Note try running the all the code thus far and after without sudo in the beginning, if doesn't work then add the sudo back in.
  5. Next unplug your tablet from the computer and then place it in recovery mode


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