Luxury or Temporary ?

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So what should I do the new car or the used car?

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I'm almost 22 I just got a steady job and am thinking about getting a car.
Currently, my family's driver is taking me from and to work and that's a problem because our current car burns through petrol

buying a new car would fix this but at the same time it won't because the driver is heavy on the gas it would lessen the cost but still It would bring unwanted attention (the car I was thinking about is a BMW) plus my place of work is still under construction and it might ruin the car (many of my coworkers' cars needed tire changes new coat of paint and more fixes because of the place)

buying a used small cheap car that doesn't use much petrol and giving it to the driver and taking our current(which I like driving and it can handle my current work environment) which would probably fix the petrol situation and I would have a car with me while at work way sooner

So what should I do the new car or the used car?


Savage Lv6️⃣
The used car. By the time you buy your cheap used car, it would have completed the steepest part of the depreciation curve. After the first five years, cars depreciate way less than when they were in their prime, which means that when you're done with your econobox, you may be able to sell it for about the same price you bought it. Its a win win

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It ultimately depends on local economy and your own income. If you are in a position to buy yourself a new car and maintain it, then go with it. I'm sure you can find a garage nearby that can hold the car while you are working, plus a good the insurance would solve everything including the part that it would apparently attract attention.
Getting a used car now simply because you can afford it sooner is an explanation that sounds somewhat lacking since it's a car that may have seen it's fair share of use and it may not be in the best condition, even if it appears that way. Also, changing cars it's always a pain in the butt. Better to have something you can call yours and enjoy it for as long as possible.

Again, it depends on who you are, what are your means, how your local economy is, etc, etc, etc..


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I can afford either of them because I don’t really have a lot of experience and the used car won’t be for me it will be for the driver
I will take the current car we have, I like that car and don’t mind using it it's a Toyota land cruiser which I like driving


In Love Lv4️⃣
I would suggest waiting for a little while as leaders all over the world are requesting people to opt for electric cars and some countries are even providing subsidies if people opt for electric cars.
I wanted to buy a car this year but I opted out after seeing the oil price rise so, sticking to public transport.
Once the subsidies kick in maybe it will be cheaper to drive an electric car.

If not then, I would suggest a used car with a good mileage.
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Fuel is killing us all slowly the prices are getting high every week/days, it was all about P***n useless w*r. I suggest that you use a car that is Fuel Effecient so you wont hurt your weekly budget or income and if you are a rich person i guess my opinion don't mind it.