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Movie based on book


Novice Lv1️⃣
Member for 4 years
Guys... Tell me the best and worst adaptation movie based on books...
Well my favorite is Troy and the worst is Percy Jackson


Novice Lv1️⃣
Member for 4 years
the Percy Jackson movies suck so bad. and it makes me real sad because I love those books and basically anything written by Rick Riordan. my boy Percy didn't deserve that ;'(
For best adaptations... I'm not really sure. I like the Harry Potter movies and think they are good enough, but idk if I'd call them the best adaptations out there. I don't really watch movies.. just wanted to share my hatred for the Percy Jackson adaptations lol


APK Fanatic Lv5️⃣
eBook Releaser
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Member for 4 years
Best movies none. Understanding that they are their own universe with an alternate history and similar characters make them easy to swallow. I like Sin City and least attached to the core universe I would say John Dies at the End oh so sad.
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Apprentice Lv2️⃣
Member for 5 years
I'd have to say worst (for me) was Eragon. They messed up so much of it and I'm still kinda salty because I was so excited when I was younger.


Droidstein Lv8️⃣
Member for 4 years
Not necessarily the best, but I really liked the movie adaptation of "The Devil Wears Prada." I'm a sucker for happy endings so I prefer how the movie ended versus how the book ended.

Not a book, but I really disliked the movie adaptation of "Avatar: The Last Airbender." It was an amazing show with a good mythology, and the movie was just so lacking in the same energy.