❓ Help Request Need a MOD APK for Coromon

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What's the name of the game you're asking help for? Coromon

Type of Request: Free Request

How many SB Points would you spend for it? 300

Is this game playable online only? Yes and No: Internet is not required to play it but it's required for some events I need the mod for.

Is this a paid game? No

Google Play link:
What are the mod features you ask for?
-Full Game Unlocked
-Change Potentials of wild coromons (even starters)
- Reroll the Potential and change Trait of coromons for free and 0 steps at the Donar Island Coromon Center
-Unlimted Gold Currency
-Unlimted Premium Currency/Style Crystals
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I wonder if this is still being worked on. I love Coromon but I can't handle the sheer RNG luck of getting even a single Potent coromon while a Potent Scent is active.