💬 Review Nimona by Nick Bruno by lisafromnk

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Name of the movie you are reviewing: Nimona by Nick Bruno

In a fantasy world where people are protected from "monsters" by knights, a knight is framed for a crime he didn't commit and now his hope who can help him is Nimona, who is a shapeshifter 16teen year old, but what if she's the "monster" he swore to kill

I honestly loved this movie, as someone with very low attention span,I watched this to the very end, i simply LOVE this animation style it was so gorgeous, what the loved the most about this was Nimona and how much of a personality she has which is rare for movies these days, the cute evil broken personality she had really resonated with my personal Life as a teen (the depressed not the evil part lol),i was laughing the entire time at nimona's shapeshifing and how she handles everyone and like especially her relationship with ballistier(the knight guy) I loved how she toyed him and teased him,the movie was was perfect combination of fun and storyline maybe even a bit more fun but perfectly lol, if I were discribe Nimona's personality in three words it's be "broken punk rebel", this isn't a movie ig suggest for kids with all the killing she does in the movie it might really be appealing for kids with cute animation style but it's a no from me. Another thing I liked about this movie is how no one is truly evil even the bad guys have believe intentions, you can understand their fears.
And I also wanna mention that I quite literally cried at the ending the Nimona backstory was everything 🤌🏽🤌🏽.

Would you recommend this to other users? Yes i abosolutey recommend this movie to other 100/10 it's a must watch imo and as mentioned before not for little kids

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