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Nvidia Shield TV


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Hehe i open this topic for the shield.

May be someone have this fantastic andoid tv.

After a couple month of use it's exellent but with some defect or restriction by the system. one thing very simple impossible to create a shortcut for lucky patcher or some games. may be some one found a solution for this...


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Well, I read you could flash a custom ROM in order to enjoy a "full experience" like in mobile devices, but it's up to you to decide if it's worth trying or not :p


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Yes it's true for the phone I never keep a stock rom more than two days on my device but it's really personal nobody use my phone.

For the shield it's family device for video music and entertainment. And you need to know it's really a incredible machine really powerful and so fast it's certainly for this reason I don't begin to look on custom rom. But why not I can check if I found something with the same simple interface and with the support of original accessories remote an game pad. ...

Edit: I just look quickly on xda tread about the different rom and unfortunately you loose the simple interface or the support of gamepad or remote