PC Software Release Rules

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PC Software Release Rules

As our PC section is starting to get a bit more popular, we wanted to take a moment to make sure that we updated and clarified some of our rules.

1. The Listing:

Please do not alter the listing's format or template in any way. We have this form in place so that all listings are easy to follow and similar for our users. Please also make sure that there are not any extra links in your thread. This may include links to social pages for the game or other external links.

2. Search Before You Post:

Before you post a game, please ensure that you search to make sure that it has not been added to our community already.

3. Version:
Please ensure that you check the version of the game you are about to upload before submitting the game. Each time the game is updated, please ensure that you update the thread. Any mods that are outdated for more than a month will be moved to the outdated section and you will lose any SB Points earned by users who unlocked the content. (This only applies to games that force you to update to the newest version).

4. Test First, Post Later:

Always make sure that your content works. If your release doesn't work and is not fixed within 24-48 hours of releasing, you may lose all SB Points earned from users paying to unlock your content.

5. Downloads and Mirrors:

You are required to upload all of your files to our official file hosting platforms. As the site is in the middle of transitioning to our new file hosting site, you c upload it to SBUpload.com .

Other download links may be added as long as they are only mirror links and you still have it shared with our official host as well. Any mirror links not from one of the following sources will be removed and will not be tolerated.

The following sites are allowed to use for mirror links:

-> Google Drive
-> Mediafire
-> Dropbox

6. Game Cache and Additional files:

If you are uploading a Game Cache, save data, or any additional game files, please compress them into a .zip file. DO NOT include the game installation files in the same .Zip archive. Add both download links to the game listing separately.

7. Verification and Validation:

If you have not been added as an approved releaser in our community, you will be contacted by a Testing Team member shortly after your release. Depending on the content type, you may be required to show proof that you are the creator of the content depending on the type (such as file saves or a mod). This is so that if you are sharing a mod or custom map, we know that you are not leeching from another community and taking ownership of the content as your own. Once the post has been approved, it will be made available to the members of the site to download. If you have any questions about this process, please contact a Staff Team Member.

Any and all updates to the rules will be documented and you will not be penalized for infringing on a rule before it has been updated. If you have any other questions, please post it in our Questions area.

Thank you!

~The SBenny Staff Team
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