Persona 5 Ultimate Starter Save


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Title: Persona 5 Ultimate Starter Save

Name of the PS3 game this save is for: Persona 5

Save Description:
Save is slot 16 at the very first point you can save
All Items x98
All Skill Cards x85
All Melee Weapons
All Guns
All Armor
100% Persona Compendium
Social Stats MAX (They're actually at 4 so 1 more social interaction and you'll have max star)
ALL persona's at level 1 with 99 MAX stats they will also level to 99 after one battle
Omnipotent ORB x9

Installation Instructions:
Just put this baby in your save folder

Credits to: Muk378

Download Link(s):
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Bro. I don't know if you're still active here but this save kind of crashed the emulator when I tried loading it.