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Name of the movie you are reviewing: Reign Over Me

Adam Sandler takes on a very serious and somewhat dark role in this movie. Adam portrays a man who has experienced the trauma of losing his wife and kid during the 9/11 attacks. He reconnects with an old college roommate who tries to understand what he's going through and who hopes to get is old friend back.

I love all of Adam Sandler's movies (except Jack and Jill). This one is my favorite by far. There's not an ounce of comedy to be found in this movie. Which is hard to believe since the lead actor is Sandler. You might think it would be hard to take Adam serious but it's quite the opposite. From the first scene he's in, You forget all about the silly actor we all know so well and get introduced to a man that should have 20 Oscars on his shelves for best lead in a drama.
Adam plays a man named Charlie, who lost his wife and kid during the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Trade center. Charlie has never been the same s since that day. He now lives a solitaire life with many odd habits and compulsive behaviors that are on par with having strong mental illness. He bumps into his old college roommate, played by Don Cheadle, that happens to be in a life rut of his own. Don can see right away that Charlie still hasn't delt with closure of his loss.
Cheadle does an amazing job as we have come to expect. We also get blessed with the beauty of Liv Tyler.

Would you recommend this to other users? Highly recommend this to any Adam Sandler fan. Or any fan of a good drama... If you found yourself in a relationship where your partner doesn't like Sandler, watch this together your next movie night and change their mind.

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