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Hello guys,

It's strongly advised to read this Topic before posting any Requests, to ensure you will not violate any of our rules and to ensure an easy understanding for readers when you request something at

First of all, we introduced some requirements you need to meet to make a request here. These requirements very simple to achieve:

1) To introduce yourself (if you didn't yet)
2) To have enough SB Points (100 SB Points required to make a request, automatically deducted from your account after the request)

If you meet the requirements, you can submit your request (please note, your request will be rejected if you don't meet the requirements).

IMPORTANT: Ensure to follow the preformatted Topic you will find, to ensure we will get all the information needed, or your request could be rejected or ignored.

Any requests not fulfilled within 6 months (180 days) will be automatically rejected.

Please Note: If your request gets rejected for any reason, you will not receive a refund of your SB Points. Paying for a request is a guarantee that it will be looked into and someone will attempt to mod it, not a guarantee that it will be released.


Q: How to get the Google Play Store link for the game I'm requesting for?
A: It's as simple as this quick video tutorial made by @CozPatch

Q: How much does it take for my request to get fulfilled?
A: It depends on many factors such as: the amount of request we already are working on, the difficulty to create the hack, online/offline playability and many more, so I can only say: be patient and wait until someone will reply. All requests are read by our modders every day, if we don't reply it doesn't mean we didn't read it. It just means we're busy or we didn't manage to do anything about that game yet.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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