Romance games with a little spice ?

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So I love playing romance games, especially interactive ones. Right now I'm mainly playing choices and lovelink for that. Unfortunately, there's only a tiny bit of spice coming from those. Does anyone have any recs for games that have " spicier " scenes " in them ?

Hopefully modded ones because I know with games like this there's always the good stuff behind a paywall.


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I don't know if there's a mod but the app "Maybe" does have quite a lot of spicy stories, some are pretty focused on sex too

Mae Auditore

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Voltage has Court of Darkness.

The story is about a bunch of dudes fighting for your kiss. One of the character Fenn is more uh..sexual than the others.

Imo the story fits more of a teenager/ young adult.

Their best game is Samurai Ballad, but not as sexy as Court of Darkness.

If you haven't yet tried Tears Of Themis, you should.

Choices Stories You Play also have lots of sexy stories, very graphic in fact how they wrote the sex scenes.

Other than those i don't know any because i actually prefer less sex scenes and more stories 😅


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I recommend 'is it love?', 'romance club' and gilded shadows 😊


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There are many romance stories with spice in them. If you like playing online visual-based games, you might want to try Kings Choice, though I don't recommend it because it's a pay-to-win game. When it comes to romance, you also might want to try the Obey Me Series. The game is a little blah for me because it's a game for girls, but my sister became addicted to it. If you like anime, you might enjoy the Obey Me Series.


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Hey, is the "Is it love?" on Sbenny? I can't seem to find it >.<


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Go for "obey me", Arcana a mystical romance, is it love?


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