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Ok so ive got the G Pad X 10.1 V930 . Which is AT&T with the locked bootloader. Ive tried to root if from XDA but failed. Not sure which direction to go now but any help would be appreciated.


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What Android version? If 6.x then there is no current working root apparently. If you still have 5.x then you can use KingRoot.

There is an experimental way to do this as I cannot find a stock ROM for v930, there is a thread that shows you can Odin the v935 to the v930 (compatible, though the EU version v935 is slightly different, it is completely reported to work). Then you can use KingRoot to root. However, for these devices, custom ROMs isn't on the menu yet.

Thread showing V935 compatibility:


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Its very late for me here now, but in morning I'll pm you in Mobile chat. I promise to help ya best I can. Best Regards,
SusieQ™ <3

PS kingroot is complete different from KINGOROOT I'll explain in morning. Xoxo,