SB Point Weekends Mystery Edition! 25/05/2023

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Who destroyed Alan Strugatsk's corporation?


Bond. Jack Bond.
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Welcome to The SB Point Mystery Event!

Decipher the mystery of the week and you will have a chance of getting picked and winning a random amount of SB Points!

Winner's Reward

200 SB Points

Reward for Non-Winners

25 SB Points

Requirements to enter!

- 20+ Messages/Post Counts;
- Like the main post to confirm your participation;
- Cast your vote in the poll.


I. Discussion is welcome and encouraged, but stay focused on the mystery of the week. If you are uncertain, create a thread or send me a message.
II. Not liking the post will disqualify you from the contest.


Mystery of the week

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Fun mystery thing first time participating hope do it correctly lol
They are Fun, but tricky. I haven't guessed one right yet lol. The one time I did guess right, I went against my instincts & went with what everyone else posted, in the end I was right. ugh. Now I stick to my instincts & still get them wrong lol Good Luck ;)