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As our forum has members from all over the globe and people of different religions and beliefs.
To maintain a balanced community for ALL members to enjoy some simple and common sense rules are necessary.

To avoid any possible ban or warnings take a moment to read our rules.
(Ignorance is not a valid excuse and will not be accepted in defense of blatant rule breaking, do yourself a favor and read through THOROUGHLY!)

0) Things to consider when you signup

Profile Details are created to give users trusted details about any member of our community. If you lie on Profile Information (for example by specifying a wrong birthday date or a fake gender or worse, a fake/disposble email), you could risk a warn or a ban. The staff may contact you before taking the decision to warn or ban you, or directly ban you, depending on the infraction. Double accounts will be punished with account terminations on both sides. It's easy to be part of our community, we're friendly and respectful, but if you cheat on us or try sneaky ways to fool us, we'll not regret our decision and terminate your account. Please note you won't be able to signup anymore, so please think twice before anything you do, as we won't give you a second chance if you make such mistakes.

1) What to do first here

Before you post on this forum, it is best to Introduce Yourself first. Write something about you to introduce yourself to people who discuss in the forum. Do not feel it as a mandatory requirement, but as a method to make better knowledge with you when facing our Forum for the first time.

2) Respect & Tolerance for all

You don't need to agree with others thoughts and opinions, but you must not disrespect them. You're entitled to your point of views and so does the rest of the community. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on verbal abuse of any member, staff, & modders alike. Insulting any member is one of our most serious violations and it's severely punished by the Administration. Also, multiple accounts are strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from our community for all the affected accounts.
Any racism, religious, sexuality, gender attacks are forbidden and this is STRICTLY ENFORCED.
We appreciate your cooperation & understanding, as it's sure to make our forum a more polite and friendly atmosphere for all.

3) Search Button

Before asking questions always use "SEARCH" button. Very often the questions are already present, though may be formulated in different words or terminology, and the Thread (post) may already be answered in other Threads of the same section (and sometimes in other sections, too); moderators and users may lose patience in reading when repetitive.
It's easy to check for a similiar Thread to yours using the 'Search' at the top right of the Board (screen) or by scrolling back the pages of the Thread of a section. If you find the post topic with content/keywords relevant to what you're searching for tap on the post & give a read to see if in replies the answers you seek are there. Remember that our chat room is not the place to ask support or request info.

4) Starting a Thread

Ask only one question per Thread. Do not ask multiple unrelated questions in one post topic. It's confusing for everyone and the replies will make more sense to readers when replies are kept direct & straight forward. ( Don't worry about making "too many" post thread, there's no such thing as dumb or insignificant questions, no one here will judge you. We encourage you to ask many questions as you need )

5) The choice of the Title of the Thread

Be specific & direct as possible, as relevant to your question.
Avoid trivial, vague or pitiful titles as: " Help, Help me, Who helps me, Why, Please, Problem, Big Problem" , such titles say nothing useful about the question you have and will most likely be ignored or removed.
Its a waste of time for us to edit or to guess at what you need. It makes the Thread harder to find using the Search.
NOTE: The Admin and the Staff reserves the right to rename your Thread only to give a better description about the content.

6) Links

Ensure you only have essential links in your Thread. Also, every link MUST BE between "CODE" tags or "HIDE" tags. Only exception are internal links (links pointing to our website/forum only). This applies to EVERY FORUM CATEGORY. The first tag will change the way the link looks and the second one will hide the link from people until they'll reply.
If you're sharing a file, you MUST upload it to " Sbupload " (other file hosting sources can be used, too, but only as mirrors). This is required in order to guarantee the file will never expire or get deleted.
You're allowed to put outside code and hide only internal links (e.g. links coming from this community or from the games area).
If you find a spammer, please report it to us and you will be rewarded, as explained in this post.

7) Writing SMS-like

There is no accepted abbreviation in this forum. We are not on twitter and you are not writing a SMS. Keep in mind we are from all over the world, so some members may use Google translate which does not discern or distinguish such abbreviations.


Do not write in ALL CAPS. It is hard to read, and on forums and discussion groups it is considered 'shouting'.

9) Signature

Your signature must comply with all site rules and should not be higher than 250 pixels. We do not tolerate adult, religious or offensive content. Keep in mind our community is open to everyone, and for this exact reason, you should respect everyone, including in your signature.

10) User Names in Topics

Do not mention names of users, administrators and moderators in the Thread titles; the forums is an open space to all members; everyone might be able to help you. If you want to contact a user in particular, there are private messages or emails.

11) Quotes

Replying to a post, highlight it using the "Quote" function, to facilitate understanding by those who have not read; but avoid systematically bring the entire original post. It's useless to quote the entire post before yours, it only weights the reading. Avoid to quote long text and large images as much as possible; the latter will only result in a longer time to load the Thread with no benefit.

12) Source

If your post is a translation of another post you need to specify the source. Same thing goes if your post leverages other guides. Do NOT give the URL but only the name of the User or the Website source.
We also do not allow to share our topics (including MODs, HACKS and TUTORIALS) anywhere, if we do not give EXPLICIT PERMISSION to share it.

13) Warning Points

The administration or any staff member reserves the right to remove or edit your post, or part of it, if you do not meet these requirements. In case of violation of the rules you may be given a warning. In some cases, you may be given a ban without warning or a permanent ban. Insulting or being unrespectful with staff members is also punishable and it may result in a ban.
More information can be found in the Warning System Information thread.

For any disputes between other members that you cannot peacefully resolve yourself, send a PM to any member of staff and they will help resolve it for you. Members Of Staff

14) SB Points & MOD Sharing

We do not tolerate people asking for free SB Points. We offer many ways to gain SB Points ( see here: How to farm SB Points at ) and no, SB Points cannot be gifted or donated, so don't even bother asking. We give out everything for free, and a virtual currency is just a way to show your gratitude, don't be direspectful.

NOTE:- ALL rules apply to EVERYONE regardless of position , rankings or PRO/VIP status!


We won't tolerate if we find out users are exploiting our forum in any means. This includes our SB Points system so, if you find an exploit or a bug, you're required to immediately report it to me or any of the staff members. We might warn or ban your account at anytime if we find out you're abusing our forum by either using bugs or exploits in your favor, and please note we do checks on a daily basis on random accounts, so it's strongly advised to not take the risk to lose everything but instead collaborate with us and share the information with us whenever you find something which should be fixed, for the benefits of the whole community, thank you. We can send you a reward if you report a bug/exploit, as explained here.


We won't tolerate if we find out users are posting misleading information either by writing a misinformative post, thread or by giving a misleading poll vote. An example is rating a mod as not working without even specifying the reason, or reporting a mod as outdated when it's not. Another example would be stating a mod feature doesn't work when it's not even in the mod features list (e.g. stating Unlimited Money doesn't work when the mod doesn't even have that mod feature listed). Depending on the circumstances, you can either being verbally warned, up to getting permanently banned, especially in case of repeated violations.


1) Click here to get redirected to the account upgrade page, where you can upgrade to Pro, for example, to access NSFW content and get many other benefits.

2) Click here to redirect the page to Game Hack/Mod Request Rules

3) Click here to send a PM to the Administrator of this Forum
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