Mod apk Spotify: Free Music and Podcasts Streaming v8.7.78.373 + Final Version + Premium Unlocked + Amoled Mod (updated)

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Spotify: Free Music and Podcasts Streaming v8.7.78.373

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Credits to: MrDude & xC3FFF0E & Sherlock
Type of release: Free

Download Link(s):Download Link
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  • Stream free albums and hits, find a song, discover music, and download songs and podcasts with the Spotify free streaming and music player app.

    Free streaming, music search and hits library – Spotify is all that and much more.

    Play songs, sync music, discover music and free albums with Spotify, your go-to music downloader.

    Spotify also offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can't find anywhere else.

    Find a song and music albums just like in a music store but for free.

    Listen to free music from trending artists and popular albums, or download songs to create your own favourite playlist. Find the best album on Spotify and play it over and over again.

    Music search is easy with Spotify. Discover music, find a song, play music, and enjoy.

    Stream music albums from your favourite musician and artist. Discover the best album from each of your favourite artists, including Adele, Rihanna and many more. You’ll find them all on this music downloader and free streaming app.

    Pop music, jazz, latin, classic, garage, heavy metal and much more – Spotify is like a huge music store but absolutely free! Enjoy your favourite album and musician.

    Music streaming with Spotify is free. Play music, download songs, discover music and create a ready-made playlist that suits your mood. Even get free personalised recommendations.

    Spotify features:

    Free streaming on mobile or tablet
    • Find music, play songs, stream albums and hits from all of your favourite artists
    • Listen to free music with the song downloader and music player to create your own playlist
    • Play music and turn on shuffle mode for a fun experience
    • Stream radio stations and play music from all over the world
    • Play music with the Spotify Connect music player on your PC or laptop, Smart TV, TV Streamer or PlayStation®
    • Download songs and trending music – all you need is Spotify

    Discover music and create a playlist
    • Music streaming is even more fun with your own playlist
    • Discover music and play songs that have just been released
    • Find music, play songs and music albums from one of Spotify’s exclusive curated playlists for any music genre or popular artist
    • Play music and free albums with personalised music recommendations
    • Download songs and new music with the song downloader – song download is easy with Spotify

    Download songs and listen offline with Spotify Premium
    • Download songs and free albums from your top artist and favourite band
    • Music streaming for all your favourite musician and trending music with amazing sound quality
    • Listen to the album you love, anywhere and anytime
    • Download new music and play your favourite songs offline on any device - mobile, tablet, or your computer
    • No ads or commercials, just uninterrupted music
    • No commitment – cancel any time you like
    • Use Spotify Connect to play music and free albums on wifi speakers from the likes of Bose, Sonos, Denon and even use your voice to play Spotify on the Amazon Echo and Dot

    Find music and play songs, music albums and hits from all genres:
    • Dance music
    • Indie
    • Classic rock
    • Hip hop
    • Rap beats
    • Pop songs
    • Country music
    • Disco
    • Kpop
    • and more!

    Music streaming, wherever you are. Listen to your favourite songs and discover new music with the Spotify app.

    Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s Audio Measurement. If you don't want to participate, you can opt-out within the app settings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit Digital Measurement Privacy Statement for more information.

    What's New:
    We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

    You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You need an active Internet Connection to play this game.

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  • Default Mod Features:
    Dark Amoled Theme
    Unlocked Next Track;
    Unlocked Pevious Track;
    Unlocked Seeking FWD/BWD
    Unlocked/Able to Select Any Songs & Albums
    Unlocked Repeat Once/All;
    Unlocked Shuffle;
    Unlocked Very High Audio (Visual, WIP);
    Disabled Force Shuffle;
    Unlocked Spotify Connect (Premium Bypass);
    Unlocked On-Demand Sharing;
    Unlocked Canvas Sharing;
    Unlocked Voice Feature;
    Unlocked Volume Control;
    Unlocked Animated Heart;
    Unlocked Lyrics Sharing (Works only in supported countries);
    Unlocked Storylines;
    Unlocked Sing-along (Works only in supported countries);
    Unlocked User Playlist Annotation (New Feature);
    Unlocked Follow Feed;
    Unlocked Editorial Mode;
    Unlocked Full Screen Stories;
    Unlocked Facebook Login;
    Disabled Audio Ads;
    Disabled Video Ads;
    Disabled Visual Ads;
    Disabled Third-Party Ads;
    Languages: Multi Language;
    CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
    Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
    Original package signature changed.

    Note: Some server-side features [Downloads] require paid subscription.

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    • App not installing and you're running Android 11 or higher? Then try to install Virtual Android on your phone by clicking here. This should help you.

    If you need help about how to use our website, please watch this simple YouTube video tutorial below about How to Download & Install apk files from

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I can't download music to listen offline ?
It's server side so that's not modded (it's difficult to mod and you'd likely get banned for it very easily). Read the notes on the MOD features.


Addicted Lv3️⃣
Whenever I'm trying to use this app , it says-"Can't use Spotify abroad more than 14 days. Update location on to keep using it" what should I do now?


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🎮 Testing Team
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Hello dear producer. Thank you for your work. I can listen to this app for hours nonstop. unlimited music and peace .. who wouldn't want it . You are great !

I would like to inform you that it is the previous version of the current version. but it still works very well ! :angeldroid:

Image from mod :


Yours truly ,

Testing Team


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Game Name : Spotify: Free Music and Podcasts Streaming
Mod Version : v8.7.78.373
Mod Maker : KSCT
Mod İnfo : Premium Unlocked


Hello dear Sbenny users. Happy day everyone, I hope you are well! You've probably heard the saying that music is universal. Is there anything more pleasant and peaceful than listening to music while doing a job or dreaming? I don't think so. Of course we respect all arts , and artists .. you can't get the pleasure of listening to music while drawing a picture . but if you listen to music while drawing, something wonderful can happen. Imagine you are going on a long journey. headphones in your ear. peace in your heart and your imagination is open. you are just dreaming .. and you have that favorite music in your ear . rhythms take you on a new journey. Your eyes are closed but your consciousness is open. I personally would consider retiring and buying a lake house in this situation . I would definitely listen to music at the lake house I bought and enjoy my retirement. Of course, you have other dreams, I know my dream is a bit strange 😄

There is something I would like to remind you, our valued users, before we move on to the narrative. Dear users. Do not forget that the Sbenny platform is a completely free and voluntary platform offered to you without expecting any profit. Please tag the authorities if you come across broken links or outdated mods. You can continue to dream. In the meantime, I will explain our application. If you haven't slept yet, you can read!

What is the purpose of the application?

Spotify is one of the most streamed music apps worldwide. This application, which appeals to a wide audience, contains an unlimited music library. There are all kinds of music and artists of all kinds. A child who goes to primary school or a 70-year-old man can use this application. because listening to music has no age limit! There is an annoying point in this application, which has a very simple interface. Of course, adverts are also constantly present. You are listening to your favorite music and it suddenly stops. advertisement . It's a very bad feeling I've been through this. I know you don't like it and you came to see if the sbenny team shared it. welcome 😄 Of course, we do not leave you alone in this matter, as in all matters. Our team rushed to your aid.

What are the advantages of the mod?

We have removed your biggest request ads. There are no ads in this app. You can listen to music unlimitedly and uninterruptedly. No ads will appear in front of you in any way. If it does, don't forget to report it! We were dreaming last. Have you dreamed of an uninterrupted music? What are you waiting for, download the mod now and enjoy the premium membership. You can listen whenever you want. You have an unlimited subscription. Don't forget that you have the sbenny team with you while you are dreaming. we love you very much. Have fun . pleasant listening!

Mod report: works great. Thank you for your work. I wish you success in your new work.

Yours truly ,
Testing Team
Spotify: Free Music and Podcasts Streaming v8.7.78.373 + Final Version + Premium Unlocked + Amoled Mod was released by KSCT and 1302 people like you already found this fantastic release! Find this and over 20,000 unique Android Games & Apps like this at, here since 2014 to serve the best Gaming Community in the world with hundreds new, safe and amazing releases every day.

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