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Team Order: Racing Manager (Race Management Games) v1.0.0

MOD Features  How to install

Credits to: sammax71
Type of release: Free

Download Link (how to download?)
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  • Like Manager Games? Choose the best strategy and manage your own Motorsport team

    Team Order: Racing Manager brings you the thrill of managing your own racing team.

    Features include:
    - True 3D races with all the real thrills
    - Set your race strategy and give team orders
    - Scout and contract drivers
    - Research and develop your car
    - Dynamic weather conditions (wet races)
    - Hire the best managers
    - Sign sponsorship deals
    - Unlock multiple championships with new tracks

    Make split-second decisions as the manager of your motorsport team and get the real experience of being a formula team boss. Fight for the nr. 1 spot! You make the calls, how to develop the car, which new drivers and managers to hire, it's all part of your daily job making this simulation game so engrossing. Come race day you need to be prepared to make the tough calls to separate yourself from the average motorsport manager and excel your career to new heights. When to make the pit-stop, what tire choice is best for the situation, when do your drivers need to push, or take it easy? Even more risky options as defensive blocking or all out dangerous attacking driving styles can be issued as your team order. When will you play it safe, or when will you take a calculated risk? It's your call with all the consequences that come with it. Your racing team is counting on you!

    As a motor sport team manager the world moves fast and the formula to success doesn't come with 1 snap of the finger. One thing is for sure you'll need to innovate and push your team to max to get the results your fans desire.
    Team Order: Racing Manager is the perfect blend between a management, sports racing, and strategy game backed with detailed races fully experience in 3D giving you all the thrills of a real race day.

    Real tracks - Epic Races
    The grand prix (GP) races are simulated on real world modelled tracks all over the globe. The race simulator is experienced in 3D and in real-time with the option to speed it up. Real weather conditions including rain are all part of the experience resulting in unplanned pit stops and other hard decisions that can make or break your tactical skills during the race. Master the wet conditions and become a true motorsport legend. Every race is a different story with new decisions to master.

    Manager your team to victory
    Succeeding as a formula racing team manager isn't easy - your fan club and press are demanding top driver results. Getting your people, mechanics and pit crew at their best performance and on schedule requires attention to detail and a razor focus. Keeping your star race drivers happy while they battle as teammates and other fearless competitors requires you to balance between individual and club objectives. The rewards are great as making progress in the cutthroat world of motorsports will unlock new championships featuring new tracks and even greater admiration by your fan club watching live TV or streaming coverage of your every move. Every championship will see a new level op competition and drivers all ready to battle for personal glory while supporting their team to grab the constructors championship.

    Car Performance & Reliability
    We get quite some comments on the reliability of the car and car failures. Please note that your motor engine is not world class in the beginning and your car factory and mechanics are limited. Upgrading the reliability of your car will make you car more reliable over time.

    Facebook and accout linking
    You can link to Facebook to secure your account. If you want to link with other platforms such as PC choose options from your PC version (or F1 hotkey from manager menu) and link to your email account.

    3, 2, 1 start your engines and grab your seat as team boss. If you like strategy games then download this strategy management game (app) now for free!

    You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

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  • Unlimited Money & Tokens

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    • App not installing and you're running Android 11 or higher? Then try to install Virtual Android on your phone by clicking here. This should help you.

    If you need help about how to use our website, please watch this simple YouTube video tutorial below about How to Download & Install apk files from

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Thanks a lot for the mod and update.
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