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The Kids We Were v1.0.2 Unlock VIP

The Kids We Were v1.0.2

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Credits to: unknown
Type of release: Free

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  • Think back, if you will, and picture what it was like when
    you were young, before the busyness and responsibilities
    of adulthood weighed on your shoulders.

    Playing, learning, seeing the world with fresh eyes...

    Hopefully you had good friends at your side, special
    connections that you treasured, great dreams and hopes...
    Do you remember what it was like, and who you once were?


    This is a narrative adventure game that
    attempts to capture and recreate those golden memories
    of a more innocent age. Join Minato, a young boy who finds
    himself on a strange adventure one warm summer's day.
    His journey will take him to unexpected places, and many
    twists and turns await him before it draws to an end.

    This title tells an emotional tale steeped in a mix
    of modern and retro Japanese aesthetic. If you're interested
    in poignant stories or what life is like for everyday Japanese
    folk, we recommend giving this game a shot!
    Oh, and it's also the latest entry in Gagex's series of
    heartwarming story-focused games, so if this appeals
    to you, please check out our other titles!


    Welcome to Kagami, just an average town on the outskirts
    of Tokyo. Minato, his mother, and his younger sister Mirai
    have stopped by to visit today.

    However, Minato isn't just here for fun—he's on a secret
    mission! Somewhere in this town lives his father, estranged
    from his family after a hard divorce. Minato needs to find
    him, because there's a lot of things his dad needs to know.

    After searching high and low, Minato finally finds a clue
    to his father's whereabouts. However, it seems his quest
    won't be that simple, for the clue he finds is a mysterious
    notebook left by his father, titled...The Seven Mysteries.

    With his father's notebook as his guide, Minato sets out on
    a harrowing journey. But this journey isn't through space,
    no—it's one through time! To his astonishment, Minato finds
    himself transported 33 years into the past, to the day his
    mother and father met!

    Will Minato's odyssey into the past heal his family,
    change the future, and alter a tragic destiny?

    The only way to find out is to accompany him on
    his amazing adventure!

    Note: This game is free to play from start to finish.
    You can enjoy the whole story without paying a dime!

    You can play and install this app without root permissions.

    You can play this game even without any Internet Connection.

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