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💬 Review The Patriot by Leonas


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Name of the movie you are reviewing: The Patriot

The Patriot is a historical war movie. Main character is played by Mel Gibson

Alright, sorry but I have to vent a little bit.
I am a huge history buff and when I saw this movie, I was disappointed and angry. It's extremely historically inaccurate, it is practically a copy of brave heart but the plot is 500 years later. The plot (like brave heart) is meh, it's the typical Mel Gibson "America f**** yeah!" plot. Spoiler Warning!
The main character is a peaceful farmer, but then the British come, burn his house and kill his family. He then goes on to fight in a war and becomes practically the sole reason for the idea of freedom.
It also wrongly portrays serious topics such as slavery and racism. Spoiler Warning! To the point that a wealthy farmer in the south of the United States during the American revolution, doesn't own slaves and has freed men working his land. It also portrays the British as invading devil's and the colonists as pure and righteous. Again to the point that we only see one loyalist in the movie (we are also supposed to hate him). The character development is also just horrible. Spoiler Warning!
The main characters children don't seem to have any lasting trauma when their brother dies (nor does anyone for that matter, there is usually one scene of them crying a bit and the we're back to FREEDOM!! AMERICA HELL YEAH!!!).
This is the end of my review, I basically summed up what Brandon F. and Nick Hodgers (History Buffs) think about this movie because I feel exactly the same way. This is an insult to history and to the art of filmmaking in general. This movie sucks.

Would you recommend this to other users? No, definitely not.

Rating(1-5): ⭐