🏆 Contest The Wheel of Fortune of Sbenny.com!

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I'm starting to being addicted to this 🫠

Well thw funniest thing that i earned about 5000 sb points then i lose it all 🤣

And now i can't even play 🤧

I just lost 1000 sb points 🫠 and i played again then i lost 500 sb points 🫠

Hahah i lost all my sb points well i'm actually so sad 😞 about this 😭 😢


Apprentice Lv2️⃣
Member for 4 years
Well that was an experience, not that I was rich but still gained experience enough to not even get close to a casino foe the rest of my life 🫡🫡


Novice Lv1️⃣
Member for 6 years
This game sucks! Only had 1200 when I spun the first time. 1000 when I spun the second time. Now I don't have enough points to play. :( This is why I don't go to casinos!


Addicted Lv3️⃣
Member for 4 years
I spun the wheel for the first time and I won 170 sb points :)


Novice Lv1️⃣
Gambling, Gambling, Gambling, it's everywhere and it will tempt you. Better be safe than sorry. Or y'know risk it for the biskit you can win big but you can also lose very fun and sad.


Addicted Lv3️⃣
Member for 4 years
Second attempt i just got 500 sb points 🥳


Lurker Lv0️⃣
you call this a wheel of fortune! you should have called it a wheel of misfortune.
i lose more than i earn this isn't even funny this wheel should have 50% risk But from what I seen ,it's 85% losing 15% eaning...
okey i have had it with this site ,so yeah bye bye forever.