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Title of your introduction thread: Thresa Gipps hereHow did you find us? I’ve found this site unmistakably on an internet search for something else. I came on this site and began reading lots of posts and became interested in an upgraded MOD

Which types of games do you usually play? FarmVille 2 country escape and Candy Crush Soda Saga

Something about me: I’m a big gamer and loves sports as well. I live in the US

Every passing minute felt like an hour. I found myself checking my phone every thirty seconds, wondering if I had missed a text notification. Did she chicken out? Did she only send it to Richard? I was going insane with anticipation, with worry.

I glanced down at my watch and noticed it was already three in the afternoon, I began to convince myself that she wasn't going to go through with it. That this was all just an elaborate tease to excite me. Just as I nearly reconciled that as fact, my phone buzzed with a notification.
I was alone in my office, luckily. A cold sweat broke out, running down my back, my mouth was dry. I reached for it, eventually turning the phone over. I nearly fainted at what I saw.

'Just thought my two favorite men could use some inspiration to help get them through the day.' I first noticed the text message, and then scrolled down unto the picture.

Ashley was laying down on our bed, the covers concealed her from the waist down, but she was titled in such a way that her ass was accentuated beneath them. More importantly, her large lily breasts were completely exposed, her left hand holding up her left titty. Her dark hair cascading beautifully across the white sheets of the bed. It was incredible. I wondered how long she thought, how many pictures she took, before she decided this would be the one. My dick began straining immediately, and I suddenly felt light headed.

It only took a few minutes until my phone buzzed again, Richard had replied "Wow. Very nice... Thank you for the inspiration!"

I leaned back in my chair, totally blown away but what had just happened. I was trying to reconcile everything in my mind when Ashley sent another text, this time just to me. 'I need you to get home. Your wife needs to get fucked.'

I slammed my laptop closed, and took another early leave.

I was raced through our apartment lobby, and then nearly smashed the elevator buttons broken to get up to our floor. When the doors finally opened, I encountered something I wasn't expecting.

Richard was standing there, presumably to head out. He saw me, and smiled.

"John. Took an early day?" He chuckled to himself.

For whatever reason, it didn't feel awkward. The first moment he appeared amidst the opening elevator doors I thought it would be, and I panicked momentarily - but the second he spoke, my fears all went away.

He continued "Look, can I talk to you for a second?"

I nodded "Sure thing."

He walked me back to his apartment and prepared a couple glasses of scotch. He handed one to me and we had a seat in his living room.

He began "Alright, I'm just gonna ask... Are you and Ashley... swingers?"

I laughed "Oh, wow." I buried my face in my hands, embarrassed, "No... No I can't say that we are."

He pondered that for a moment, and continued, "Well I'm sure you're aware of her... flirtatious nature, especially recently..."
My heart beat began to rise, I never thought to find myself in this type of conversation, I nodded "Yeah." I realized our little game may have potentially rubbed Richard the wrong way. "Look, Richard, I'm sorry if any of this has been a problem..."

"A problem? John I haven't had this much fun in years. I can't recall any point in my life where a woman as beautiful as your wife has shown me this sort of attention. I was just trying to understand what was happening. I don't think it was a stretch for me to assume you guys were swingers, for Gods sake your wife sent me a naked picture of herself today. You were copied on it."

I found myself shaking my head, still not believing it, blushing like an idiot, caught, "...Yeah. I'm not really sure what to say... I think she's had some fun teasing you and things have clearly gotten out of hand. We've really never done anything like this before." I found myself feeling very confused by our actions, and I think it showed.

Richard followed suit, and continued "John, it's no problem, really... Try to relax. Most good marriages explore, sexually - whether it be with teasing, role play, whatever. You need that sort of thing to keep the fire alive, it's completely normal." He paused for a second, clearly weighing something internally. He continued "Look, I've never told anyone this before... But Candice and I used to, every now and then, do some light swinging. She would sometimes bring couples home from work, and it really excited her to watch me with the other woman."

That shocked me, to say the least.

"Excuse me?"

Richard took another sip of scotch, realizing it would require further explanation "Every so often Candice would entice a woman, or a couple, to join us in bed. To this day I'm not really sure how she went about doing it, but she did. Sometimes the woman would come alone, sometimes with her husband or boyfriend. It usually started off with all of us playing together but most times it ended up with Candice and the other man watching."

I shook my head, thinking I wasn't understanding him "Wow, what on earth. Why would she encourage that?"

Richard laughed, "Well John, I'm rather hung, and it used to excite my wife to watch me with other women. I guess it was something about watching them squirm, most of them were white, and had never been with a well hung black man. It really turned her on to watch me open their eyes to a new sexual experience."

I felt my throat tighten up, my mouth was suddenly dry - I took another sip of the scotch. "The men would watch as well?... I would think that would be problematic..." I asked the question, but part of me felt relieved to know I wasn't alone in my perverted thoughts.

Richard, looked at me, and spoke with logic, compassion "I initially thought it would as well, but I soon realized it's simply natural human behavior. Men and women both inherently like the idea of intense sexual satisfaction. I think there's definitely an unspoken arousal, for most people on this planet. I think that arousal is a pinnacle sexual ideal - A beautiful, naturally feminine white woman, and a large, masculine, black man... It is the ultimate male and female contrast." He paused again, taking another sip "It's obviously taboo, because admitting to the arousal of that sexual union as a white man, or a black woman, is admitting that you are not involved. However that same admission is what is so freeing, so deeply exciting. Look, I loved my wife more than the world itself, but the sexual explosions that I had with those white women were undeniable. That being said, sex is only one small portion of our lives. I would never have, in a million years - thought about leaving my wife. She was my heart, as I'm sure Ashley is yours. Besides, our sex was deeply satisfying regardless of that exploratory fun."
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