NSFW/18+ [Visual Novel/Otome] The Bell Chimes For Gold - R18+ Edition (Uncensored)


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Title: [Visual Novel/Otome] The Bell Chimes For Gold - R18+ Edition (Uncensored)

Name of the Game: The Bell Chimes For Gold

Alternate Title(s): Kane no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, 金のために鐘は鳴る, Kane no Tameni Kane ha Naru
Developer(s): Otusun Club
Publisher(s): Denpasoft
Release Date: 2018-04-06
Language(s): English
Voiced: Partially voiced
Censoring: No optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
OS: Windows
Size: 197.07 MB

Maria is a plain old herbalist training diligently under the watchful gaze of her loving mentor.

Her skill in crafting items gets her within arm’s reach of her goal of getting enough money to marry. But then, her mentor who she was supposed to be a happy couple with suddenly marries his pretty childhood friend!

"With your skills in crafting, you can just buy any man you want."

After getting turned down with such cruel words, Maria resolves herself and declares:

"I’m gonna make a buttload of money and marry someooooneeeee!!!"

What encounters are in store?
Earn, save, and marry.
A happy end awaits you ♪
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can you reupload please as link is dead x


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Link is dead again, at least downloading isn't possible, could you please reupload?


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Link is working on my end. Try a different browser.