Weekly Poll: Do you use a screen protector and case?

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A couple of years ago we asked you if you still use a screen protector and case – back then most users had a glass protector and a silicone case protecting their phone. Has changed? Let’s find out.

An IP rating is quite common nowadays, especially in the high-end segment and also in the mid-range segment. Additionally, Corning continues to release increasingly durable Gorilla Glass versions. In theory, your phone is tough enough to become a commando.

However, there’s a chance that something might break: replacing the screen on a Galaxy S23 Ultra costs $320, for an iPhone 14 Pro Max the bill will be $380. Of course, both Samsung and Apple (and others) offer insurance plans For example, Samsung Care+ and AppleCare+ subscribers can replace the same displays for just $30. But these come with a monthly cost.

There are other reasons to put your phone in a case, too: for looks, for the extra grip, for the kickstand, for somewhere to stash a couple of credit cards, etc.

As far as screen protectors go, there’s only one reason to get one: protection.

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Very interesting


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Gotta say yes for the screen protector but never really used the case thing, I love to travel light and that honestly just bothers you.

Just be a little mindful of your phone and that should be protection enough, never broke a screen before so yay for me!


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Over all the years of having a phone. I've always had a case. Maybe not the really old ones from the early 2000s but they were more sturdy back then.

I noticed that my cases evolved for every iteration of phone. I used to use the self charging cases, now its a wallet case.


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Since using a samsung i use a wallet case. First with the j16, now with the A13. With the desire s i used just one which covered only the back. And with older types i didn't used one.


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I always use my phone protector but the phone keeps broken any way