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What is ROOT?


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Hi guys , read before rooting your android device ;)
What is rooting? Why should I root my Android device? These are common questions . Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android devices , we get started saying taht rooting or modifying your phone in any way will void your manufacturer’s warranty and possibly “brick” it. What does “bricking” your device mean ? It means screwing up your phone software so badly that your phone can no longer function properly . Sbenny.com do not in any way recommend anyone to root their Android devices . This Topic is simply to introduce you to the subject of rooting and present you with both the pro’s and con’s so you can takedecision on your own.

What are the Advantages of Rooting?

Custom Software (ROM’s)

A “ROM” is the software that runs your device. It is stored in the “Read Only Memory” of your device. There are many great custom ROM’s available that can make your Android device look and perform drastically different. For instance, you might be stuck with an older Android device that is stuck on an older version of the Android OS and it is not getting any of the newer updated versions of Android. With a custom ROM, you could load up the latest and greatest available Android versions and bring that antiquated device up to par with some of the newer ones.

Custom Themes

Themes are the graphics that appear on your Android device. A rooted device allows you to fully customize every graphic on your device. You can load custom themes that totally change the look of your device

Other functions : Kernel, Speed, Battery , Baseband , Latest Versions of Android , Easy backup your device and Unlocking Additional Features like the possibility to use some apps thet need root . Apps like SB Game Hacker ( Memory tool ) , Lucky Patcher ( Full access to all types of patches or other things ) or AZ screen recorder ( If you don't have android 5.X.X you'll need root to use it , onlu users with KK or below need root ) or other app like these .

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting?


The number one reason not to root your device is the potential risk of “bricking” it. As mentioned earlier, “bricking” your device means screwing up your phone soft. You would likely need to purchase a new Android device since the manufacturer of your device will void the warranty after any attempts at rooting.

If you accidentally brick your device just let sbenny.com know and we'll try to help you ;)

There is an increased risk of unknowingly installing malicious software when you root an Android device. Root access circumvents the security restrictions that are put in place by the Android OS. There isn’t really an effective way to tell just what the application intends to do with that “superuser” power. You are putting a lot of trust into the developer’s hands. In most cases, these applications are open source and the community can take a look at the source code to assess the risk. But, nevertheless, the risk is there. Fortunately, malicious software on rooted devices hasn’t really been a problem as of yet. But I thought it was worth mentioning since this could be a potential risk in the future. I’d recommend installing an Anti-Virus and Security App just to be safe. Lookout Mobile Security seems to be one of the best ones available at the moment.


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Re: [IDEA] What RooT is ?

there is a chance that breaking your phone while rooting?


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Re: [IDEA] What RooT is ?

If you follow the right steps you will not "break" your phone. Otherwise you have small chances to BRICK it :) But there's usually a fix for everything, including a bricked phone.


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Re: [IDEA] What RooT is ?

If you have some problems with something like that
open a topic were we can talk about


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Re: What RooT is ?

Please help!!!! I tried to root my device. I've mistaken. And now I have Supersu and can'take delete it because I don'the have root, please help!!!