What is your favorite movie

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Australia, starring Nicole Kidman :D


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I just watched the new Jeepers Creepers and they completely ruined Jeepers Creepers for me with it


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Hmm, maybe either Saving Private Ryan or Forrest Gump.


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I can never pick one favorite.

But I'll list a few movies I like. "Groundhog Day", "As Good As It Gets", and "Scent of a Woman".

Also most Tom Hanks movies. "Philadelphia", "Castaway", "Big" ...etc.
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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - I watch this after a failed relationship

50 First Dates, Notting Hill, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pretty Woman, You've Got Mail - so plenty!🤣


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The nightmare before Christmas. When I'm feeling down in the dumps I hit play and belt out the songs not caring if I'm horribly out of tune, acting out a few scenes, my dogs silently judging me, I feel a lot better afterwards.


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"The Rock" has to one of mine. Or "The Green Mile" Mostly anything with Nicolas Cage or Tom Hanks i love.


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Oldboy (American Remake 2013) based from a Korean movie of the same title but I think this is more sicker, darker, deeper, and twisted (for me) btw watched both versions. Though a box office bomb, but I loved the concept of the film, very unique and blackened. Imagine being kidnapped and locked in a hotel room for 20 years no windows or doors just a tv, a normal hotel room setup then they let you go for no reason at all and your just given 3 days to know the reason why they locked you up. Thats torture, Sick AF, Nasty! Haha!


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WALL-E , cus pixar, and the subtle dystopian future reality that is hidden behind two mechanical beings falling in love. + "Axiom"


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I read of films that made my eyes started with tears and heart achy-breaky with nostalgic feeling.

I wanna recommend few films that most here will NOT get to experience..otherwise.

Shinobi : Hearts under Blade (2004)
Ninjas. Gorgeous actors. Tragic-Romantic tale based on real-history.
Romeo & Juliet are babies if them in their world.

Mumon, the Land of Stealth. (2017)
Adaptation from hugely-acclaimed Manga. Based on true-story too.
err Legend err myths etc
Oh well, this is an entertaining movie.
If you love The Flash or ninjas.
or Stealth..well, no. This flm got nothing to do with MGS or other popular Stealth games.
This is just The Story of the younger days of..Hattori Hanzo.
The MOST famous Ninja in actual history..from his Iga clan hometown.
How he lost..his heart and became The Merciless Enforcer of Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Building a Foundation of a Shogunate that last over 300 years.
By..eliminating potential rivals.
100% success rate. All to the credits of this Flash err Ninja.

Ghajini. (Memento adaptation)
Piku. (What is..religion(s)?)
3 Idiots. (laugh till joo cry)
oh well..almost ALL of Aamiir Khan's movies are Masterpieces of the Entertainment art-form with a Philosophical message-in-a-bottle.
Disclaimer: I am NOT even an Indian.

Yes. I watched all those with english subs.
Yes. There are plenty more.
For this time..these few for starters.


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Ugh I have so many!!
But imma try listing it down by genre, and making it smaller hahahh

here goes!

queer romance: Carol (2015)
action: Kill Bill 1,2,3
horror: a quiet place
comedy: Ghostbusters (2016 remake) and 3 idiots
drama/thriller: The Shape of Water
suspense: Jaws
animation: Kubo and the Two strings, Coraline, and The Croods


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Not a movie, but Game of Thrones is the only thing I currently watch.