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Wine donuts, the traditional recipe

The Wine donuts they are a type of biscuit particularly loved in the province of Rome and throughout Lazio, where they were already born in the Middle Ages as a peasant recipe. The red wine donuts were in fact made with very simple and humble ingredients, using the products of the land that the Lazio farmers could easily find: wheat flour, olive oil, sugar and wine, both red and white. The wine could also be replaced from cooked wine or other liqueur wines. Wine donuts are also known in the local dialect as ‘mbriachelle because they are usually dipped in Castelli wine before being eaten. The consistency is very crumbly and they have the advantage of being preserved for a very long time, so much so that in the past they were prepared during special occasions and important holidays to be given as gifts to friends and relatives. Let’s see the quick and easy recipe for wine donuts, to be enjoyed after eating two other great classics of Lazio cuisine: Roman artichokes and Roman tripe!

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