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I dont think you can "steal" SB cash. Or maybe the feature is no longer available. You can however lose the SB cash you gained in the Mega SB cash contest by unsubscribing after subscribing.
@Frozenflame, this was indeed a former feature of this site, in the not-too-distant past. Before that, when any staff member was asked about the steal function, even @Sbenny was known to promote it, "like it's a game", and to "not take it so seriously". Of course, that all changed when SB Cash grew to be more than just this website's in-house currency... and became something which translated into real-world monetary value. There was a lapse of just a few months, after the major transformation to the whole SB Cash system which imbued it with that tangible value, before this question was raised. You can still view the entire public debate here, though no further replies can be posted:

Removing the STEAL feature from the SB Cash Shop

That is just another demonstration of how user-focused and altruistic the Admin is, and how selflessly he gives his time to hear us out. @Sbenny could have easily made an arbitrary decision one way or the other (or, if he was totally unlike the person he actually is, he could have done nothing at all, leaving those who don't like it to either cope or go somewhere else for modded content), but he didn't. Instead he took the time to create the dialogue, read it, consider it, and finally implement our collective will, which in this case was the removal of the steal feature.